Tim's CV



Documentary                        Position                               Company

How I Became an Elephant       Director/Producer/Editor                     Rattle The Cage

Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist   Cinematographer                                   Peter Brown

At the Edge of the World.   Field Producer/DP/Cinematographer  Endeavor Media

Rising Above the Wave       Director/Producer/Cinematographer.        Dandelion Project

Lolita: Slave to Entertain….   Writer/Director/Producer/Editor.             Rattle the Cage

It's Your World (pilot).                   Director/Producer.                             Dandelion Project

Surviving Tsunami.                 Associate Producer/Talent.                       ITV Productions

The Elephant Lady.                     Director/Producer                                Rattle the Cage

Presentation Reels

Tour of the Dragon                  Producer/Cinematographer                 Bhutan Olympics

Gross Animal Happiness         Producer/Cinematographer                 Alternative Escapes

Kenya Ivory Burn                    Producer/Cinematographer                 WildiZe


Bonding With Giants               Series Producer                                  RTC and Nat Geo


Brand Marketing

Tour of the Dragon                  Producer                                            Alt-Esc and Patagonia

Bonding With Giants               Producer                                            Nat Geo China


Project - Journalistic Brand Advocacy Television

In Bonding With Giants Tim and colleagues developed an engaging approach to marketing - Using the power of non-fiction documentary storytelling, Journalistic Brand Advocacy shows brands being used in authentic, real world contexts, with the following benefits:

World’s Best On-Location Backdrops -  Adventure Travel programs allow for products to be showcased the world’s most beautiful and pristine environments on earth and benefits are demonstrated in action and in use.

Proving Authentic Usability - Products are shown in use by both professional experts and everyday people illustrating usefulness, functionality and usability in real-life scenarios. Real impact and a commitment to the issues are the primary motivators for all partners involved though there are real opportunities for return on investment.

The team developed comprehensive strategies centered on organic integration of sponsor products across the six hours of Bonding With Giants content, as well as providing related deliverables (ranging from stock photography to short videos) for their own marketing purposes.

Examples of potential brand integration include: Subaru and Land Cruiser as vehicle sponsors. The cast might use GoPros and Garmin GPS navigators in the field and be outfitted by REI or Patagonia. Our drone photographer and DJI representative Elia Locardi, who has more than 3 million Google+ and Facebook followers will be utilizing DJI drones in the program.

Project In Development - The Voluntourist - Everyday Heroes

A Celebration of those exciting and quirky characters across the globe who are just crazy enough to think they can make a difference - HONY meets VICE meets CNN Heroes, featuring, doctors, vets, permaculture designers, scientists, animal rescue experts, and wildlife conservationists. This is a multi-platform campaign ideal for corporate sponsorship and Journalistic Brand Advocacy with documentary, Vlog, Blog, and picture book.

Production Awards

  • 2014 Mostra Animals Film Festival, Brazil. Best Documentary

  • 2013 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival - Best Youth Program

  • 2012 Korean Green Festival - Best from The West

  • 2011 Artivist Film Festival, Hollywood, CA. Best Youth Activist program

  • 2008 Haskel Wexler Best Cinematography Award for At the Edge of the World

  • 2003 Newport Beach International Film Festival - Best Documentary

  • 2003 New Jersey International Film Festival - Best Documentary

  • 2003 San Antonio Underground Film Festival - 2nd place

  • 2003 Rhode Island International Film Festival - Best Niche Film

Investigative Work

  • Captive elephant investigations, Cambodia, Laos, 2014-2015

  • Ivory investigations, China, 2014

  • Elephant trafficking investigations, Burma, Thailand, 2007-08

  • Undercover investigations of trafficking in elephants: Burma Border, 2008

  • Illegal logging investigations: Tongou, Burma, 2007

  • Chatuchak Wildlife Market investigations: Bangkok, Thailand, 2008

  • Tiger Temple undercover investigations: Sangthaburri, Thailand, 2008

  • Field Work and filming for refugee advocacy: Loi Tai Lang, Burma, 2007

  • Investigations of illegal wildlife trade: Mong La, Burma, 2007

  • Miami Seaquarium Investigations: Miami, FL 2003


  • Disaster response and rescue training - American Humane Association
  • Disaster response and rescue training - Kinship Circle 

Rescue Training and Work

  • Kenya Wildlife Service and ANAW desnaring patrols - 2015

  • WSPA, HSI, ENP - Bangkok Flood Rescues - 2011

  • Save The Elephants Foundation - Elephant rescues and film work - 2007-09

  • American Humane Association – Disaster Response / Rescue, July 2006

  • FEMA – Animals In Disaster / Emergency Management, July 2006

  • Hi-PhiPhi - Tsunami Search and Rescue on Koh Phi Phi, Thailand (12/05)

  • Hurricane Katrina Animal Rescue - New Orleans. Rescued, transported, and placed over 200 animals. October-November 2005

  • Wildlife Care Center, Ft. Lauderdale, FL - on call, wildlife rescue (94 – 2005)


  • Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida - June 96 - August 2005
    Communications Instructor

  • Animal Rights and Animal Welfare - Animal Rights Conferences in DC and LA

  • Business English Workshops - CPC Company, Taipei

  • Guerilla Filmmaking and Documentary filmmaking - Ming Chuan University 

Public Speaking

  • Guerilla Filmmaking for Documentarians – Various film festivals, conferences, events, and film clubs.

  • Filmmaking and Humane Education – College and University Presentations – Workshops and presentations on Guerilla Filmmaking, Animal Abuse, Animals in Entertainment, Dolphin Captivity, Marine Mammal Amusement Parks, Animal Disaster Rescue.

Recent Media Coverage



  • Miami Intl. School of Art and Design - Masters Degree in Film, 2005

  • Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale – BA Degree - Adversting and Visual Communications, 2003

  • Florida Atlantic University – Liberal Arts, Environmental Studies, 2002

  • Broward Community College - Associate of Art degree - Liberal Arts, 2001

  • Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand – TEFL - 2010


Show Reel and work samples available upon request or from these links.


Showreel - www.rattlethecage.org

At The Edge of The World - Film www.attheedgeoftheworld.com

How I Became An Elephant - Film www.howibecameanelephant.com

IMDb page - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2350792/

IMDb - CV - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2350792/resume

Africa - www.bondingwithgiants.com  (Password: kenya)

Bhutan - Tour of The Dragon - https://vimeo.com/160374961

Bhutan - Gross Animal Happiness  - https://vimeo.com/143492743