Tim Gorski has been directing and producing since 1999. He has produced for for Rattle the Cage Productions, a USA 501c3 non-profit, Wealth Effect Media, The Dandelion Project, and WildiZe Foundation. He has written, directed, and produced several award winning animal welfare stories, human stories, and wildlife conservation pieces. His first film Lolita - Slave To Entertainment pitted him against the entire marine mammal captivity industry in a battle that would last several years and was an impetus for the movement to free marine parks of their captive orcas. Gorski was field-producer and lead cinematographer on At the Edge of the World in Antarctica, a cinema verite documentary following the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in pursuit of the Japanese whaling fleet.  At the Edge of the World premiered at the 2008 Toronto Intl. Film Festival and eventually became the impetus for Animal Planet’s acclaimed Whale Wars. Tim’s most recent film How I Became An Elephant garnered the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival award for Best Children’s Program. He is on the jury committee for the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and on the board of Xishuangbanna, China, Wildlife Festival and summit.

In 2014 Tim developed a 12-episode series for Nat Geo China - Bonding With Giants, connecting Chinese millennials with wildlife in Africa. In 2015 Tim filmed the Tour of the Dragon, a 280 km mountain bike race across Bhutan, for the Olympic Committee and Bhutan's royal family and in 2016 he produced several shorts in Kenya. He has worked as either producer, director, or DP in the US, Australia, Antarctica, Burma, Bhutan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand Kenya, South Africa, Taiwan.

Tim is also an educator in film, animation, and animal welfare, having taught for 10 years in USA, Thailand, and Taiwan. As you can tell, Tim is not only passionate about filmmaking but about animal welfare. He's a trained animal rescue specialist and has coordinated several natural disaster rescue efforts in the USA and abroad. In Tim's global endeavors he has had the opportunity to work very closely with many animal rescue shelters, and wildlife conservation organizations, literally on every single continent. Tim also conducted research and deep undercover investigations of illegal wildlife trafficking across SE Asia.