A few of the passion projects I've worked on around the globe.


Feature Documentary - With one ship (The Farley Mowat) too slow to chase down the whaling fleet, with their second ship (The Robert Hunter) unsuited for Antarctic ice conditions and with no country supporting their efforts to enforce international law, the situation becomes increasingly desperate in this real-life David-vs.-Goliath adventure. 


Five average millennials on an epic journey to Kenya, where they come face-to-face with elephants and the dedicated people who protect them. Guided by a series of world-class experts, the cast develops a profound respect and understanding of Kenya's elephants while overcoming incredible obstacles and forming deep friendships. The program capitalizes on the incredibly popular adventure/travel format, adding a profound conservationist message. Set in stunning locations, including the Sheldrick Elephant Nursery, Tsavo National Park, Samburu, Amboseli Lake/Desert, Maasai Villages, and the Maasai Mara Guide School, Bonding with Giants pushes the millennials to their physical and mental limits in an exciting style that is entertaining, provocative, and enlightening.


A short introduction to one of the many projects Roots & Shoots does around the world to engage the youth in efforts to help them become active stewards for the environment. 


Extreme Sports Doc - HRH Prince Jigyel Wangchuck conceived the first Tour of the Dragon in 2009 as “a friendly group ride” with 23 of his cycling comrades – which included Tshering Tobgay, Bhutan’s current Prime Minister. Hailed by the New York Times as the “world’s toughest single-day bike race” the Tour of the Dragon is unlike any course on earth - with 166 miles of all-terrain, under-construction roads - more than 18,000 vertical feet of ascent, and then descent- with an average riding elevation over 5,000 feet, its easy to understand why locals call it ‘The Death Race.’ Throw in the risks of falling boulders, wild roaming animals, and riding through complete darkness – and it’s easy to see why so few choose to do it.


Feature Documentary - Winner at the 2013 Jackson Hole Wildlife FIlm Festival, How I Became An Elephant is more than just a film. It's one girl's story... which led to a movement, which led to a continuing plan, to save a species... which then led to YOU.

When Juliette West set out on a quest to educate herself she got far more than she bargained for. How I Became an Elephant follows this wide-eyed fourteen year-old from suburban California on her quest to save the world’s largest land mammals; a quest that takes her halfway across the globe and face to face with the gentle giants she aims to save.


In this Series Rattle The Cage and Francois Odendaal takes four lucky Taiwanese kids on a crazy adventure into Taiwan's wilds. 


Documentary Series for Social Media - in association with WildiZe Foundation. On April 29, 2016 Kenya destroyed 103 tonnes of contraband ivory and 6 tonnes of rhino horn. It was to send a resounding message to the world that ivory is worth more on the elephant than in a shop. 


Documentary Character Reel - Nestled between China and India in the foothills of the Himalayas, the Kingdom of Bhutan has been described as the real Shagri-La. But as ancient cultures and traditions merge with modern technologies and sensibilities, Marianne Guillet serves an unlikely clientele: the thousands of animals who roam the quaint mountain villages and sprawling cities of Bhutan.  She is a self-taught veterinarian, a cross between Dr. Doolittle and MacGuyver. In her mountain-top lab, Marianne treats all creatures great and small. Aided by her crack team of young trainees, and her assistant, a Macaque monkey named Sister Namgay, for Marianne everyday is an adventure, with all of the potentials for triumph and heartbreak that adventure entails.


Experimental Documentary - Returning from a remote mountain-top in Arunachel Pradesh, filmmakers Tim Gorski and Jon Kane decide to explore the crowded city of Guwahati, India. They let the camera run for 1 hour non-stop as they explore the bustling labyrinth of seedy shops, dingy restaurants, and dank alleyways unveiling the colorful life in one of India's most crowded cities. There are no edits in this continuous one-shot montage, only speed changes.